Can you spot the difference? Its uncanny, innit?

CHINESEELVIS is Paul Courtenay Hyu. As ChineseElvis he has appeared live on GMTV (many times, including a pre-recorded feature with Tony Blackburn), Sky News, Canal Plus, BBC London Live, Radio 5 Live, BBC World Service, BBC Radio Wales, XFM, some Polish radio station, London Tonight as well as featuring in the Daily Express, Daily Mail (voted among top three best Elvises in UK), Daily Star, Daily Mirror, The Sun, BBC Online (and many more). He turns stuff down, too! He has so far rejected: Robbie Williams, Test The Nation, Terry & Gaby, The Weakest Link (making it a double rebuff for Anne Robinson - now he's going for the hat-trick), Ri:Se (C4), Melinda Messenger's chat show on Living TV, and many others all politely declined. Its a whimsical thing... But he did work for David Bailey for free (the photographer, stupid)! He has travelled to Ireland, Barbados, Toronto and Atlanta to weave his ChineseElvis magic.

A trained singer, Paul was (the only straight member) in the cast of the West End musical Miss Saigon in 1992, in which he performed over 600 times.

Paul has worked around the world as an actor - mainly in theatre - in Germany, Luxembourg, Singapore, Croatia, Hong Kong and more closer to home in Scotland, Wales and of course extensively around England, his spiritual home-land. He has appeared in the films The 1st Nine & Half Weeks, The Lost Batallion, Wing Commander, Busted and a few others. He has smoked dope with James Bond in a war zone (well, 50 km from the front). He has appeared in the tv shows Bad Crowd, Funland, Meet The Magoons, The Marchioness Disaster, EastEnders, Casualty, The Bill, One Foot In the Grave, Sweet 'n' Sour Comedy, The Missing Chink, Bugs, Trial & Retribution, Manchild, Clocking Off, Dr Terrible's House of Horrible, Comedy Nation, Smith & Jones, Dr at the Top, An Actor's Life For Me to name the bulk of them... He has read the news on the Chinese Satellite TV station, CNE. He has also worked on many radio plays and provided the voices for a host of well-known video games, including Hitman, Viet-Cong, WarHammer, Fate of the Dragon and many others. Upcoming voice-over works includes several new space and dragon games online. He is keeping busy. Which is nice.

Paul is also one of very few Elvi on the planet who can be linked to Elvis himself (as fellow actors). Check out the Super Elvis Fun Page for more details.


" of Britain's top Elvis mimics." Daily Star, November 2000
..smells very fragrant..." Mel and Sue, London Live 94.9FM, January 2001
...classically trained..marvellous!!.." Andrew Castle, GMTV, October 2001
...Unbelievable!!...Brilliant!!..." Rowland Rivron, BBC London, August 2002
one of the top three impersonators in the UK" Daily Mail, August 2002
...I enjoyed it..." Piers Morgan, December 2002
...I am only a warm-up act for ChineseElvis..." Tony Blair, PM, January 2003
"..legendary cult hero..." Time Out, June 2005
"The UK's most reknowned Chinese Elvis" The Independent Jan 2006


Let me clear this ethnicity question up once and for all: Is ChineseElvis really Chinese?

Paul and his family are happily Chinese from Guyana.
Guyana is a part of the West Indies.
You don't have to come directly from China to be Chinese, do you?
That means he doesn't speak Chinese.
He had no time to learn it as he was too busy playing cricket.
It also means that he has got natural rhythm.

This also means that, unlike other non West-Indian Chinese people, Paul has a

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