Here are some links to other Elvis impersonators, some of whom I have met.

Sal Bashir (The Pakistani Elvis) - I actually saw Sal's show, the 1st Elvis show I have ever seen, when we were in Edinburgh together. Nice guy. It is also the last ever Elvis show I have ever seen.
Shmelvis - (the UK's No 1 Jewish Elvis - a top bloke & he tells gags too!) Not to be confused with Schmelvis, which is an American site (and funny, too)
Marty Tempest - very conscientous. Will make sure you have a great night and he has a heart of gold, too.
Eddie Vee - The Yorkshire Elvis. Wanna know the gossip in the world of Elvis? Mr Vee's your man. Has his own cape.

Colbert Hamilton - The Black Elvis - with a great rock 'n' roll voice, I like Colbert a lot
Louis Rockafella - this guy has some hilarious merchandise, which I can recommend. A fun geezer. Scouser, keep your valuables locked up. Tattoos.
Lou Jordan - He did Angelina Jolie with me as mentioned above (and what a time we both had)
ToddElvis - OK, so I have not met him - but he sent me a nice email
Deke Rivers - One of the 1st Elvises I ever met - this guy actually owes me money and has done for over 4 years! But I am sure he wouldn't rip you off...
Rick Dunham (Elvis Himselvis) - Great Stage Name! (but never met the bloke)
Martin Fox - (met him, nice guy and comes highly recommended!)
Mark (Ireland-based) Leen - the Emerald Elvis - ("Europe's No 1 Elvis" - If you say so, Mark... (see below))
Paul Lillie - If you actually want to hire someone with some musical talent (which given you have read all the way down to here you obviously don't!) then I have to recommend Paul, who plays the guitar very well, sings and won a competition recently. He is also a very nice man
Adam Carter - Just logged on to this website and his sound samples are good. I couldn't find his direct website. This is one of the many agents that you can book him through - though I confess I didn't look hard.
William Maurice - is a great guy that sold me a great costume. An International Man of Mystery-style Elvis, Bill is hard to track down
The Flying Elvii - you've seen that film with Nic Cage. Here they are online
Evil Elvis - Ever wondered what happens to Elvises when they become jealous of one another? Evil, is what!


This guy's a dead ringer
Norwegian Elvis
What a gentleman Gino Monopoli is.
Canadian Elvis
Is it me, or do we all look the same?
Japanese Elvis
Unlike this sterling chap, ChineseElvis wears a cricket box to prevent what we call in the business, "showage"...

"Camel-Toe" Elvis

Also known as Emerald
Irish Elvis

Vorsprung durch Technik
German Elvis more often than not, this chap is better than a nice game of bingoElderly Elvis

If you are looking to get the low-down on Elvis resources, I can recommend this site: Elvis Directory
An"Official" website can be found at APEPTA, which stands for an A Process to Exclude Performers That we dont Approve, I believe.
Here is one with a list - I am there or thereabouts WORLDS GREATEST
Or try this one -
Elvis Mania (a new, fun-packed site)
and this seems to be popular -
And storming up the charts is a brand new site - Elvis
A shameless rip-off of the Million Dollar Homepage - THE Worlds Greatest
Here is an UK-based agency that have booked me in the past Pure-Elvis
This is quite good too -I AM ELVIS! - a website for Elvis Impersonators...
And of course there is Sid Shaw's online presence for his Elvisly Yours shop

If you are a fan of South Park, you will know this woman. If not, then all I can say is that this is the only other Chinese Elvis that I am in awe of. Check out Wing - Chanteuse and Elvis stylist - here.

I recently stumbled on this site. Its brilliant. Its the site of the 24 Hour Church of Elvis . Amen to that.

Looking For Elvis Lyrics?
The best way to learn all the lyrics to all the great tunes Elvis produced is to listen to them and figure them out for yourself. If something is missing from your vintage vinyl collection you can still find most albums on CD or iTunes now. Of course the easy way out, is to just find a site like this with all the lyrics available to you.

I have in the past put up links to sites where you can find Elvis lyrics, but they are not great or easy to use. You have to install Active-X on your machine in some cases, which is very dodgy to say the least, and worse, the site owners having agreed to put a reciprocating link up have failed to do so. So screw them. I have in the meantime received a copy of all the lyrics. Its not perfect but they're as good as you'll get on any site. And once you have downloaded it, its there for you. You can then open it up and search the document for the song title. Easy. Right-click and Save-as here for comprehensive 389 page PDF file (781KB).


ChineseElvis' "UK's Number 1 Elvis" 5-a-side Football Team
(addressing the question of who is the best Elvis in the UK)

In the world of impersonating Elvis, there is a lot of rivalry buried deep, like a glob of jelly in a deep-fried peanut-butter and jelly sandwich. It got quite nasty on the Elvis internet message boards recently, which is how I got to hear of it. It was very entertaining, but now, unfortunately, it has been censored. But a lot of bitterness surrounds who is the "Number 1 Elvis in the UK". Well, after 5 minutes of looking on the internet, I discovered five of them. And that is enough for an Elvis football team. Let us not forget the impact Elvis had on the 2002 Soccer world-cup with his remixed hit, "A Little Less Conversation". The Nike ad featured overpaid soccer "stars" but would have been much better featuring my "Number 1" team below, in my opinion.

If you know of any other "Number 1" or "The Best Ever", please let me know and I will add them to the squad in a rotational way, in the style of Rafa Benitez. To qualify, they have to have the words "No 1" or similar in their advertising. They are all number 1, bless.

The Team
(in alphabetical order)
Gordon Hendricks
Alan Moore
Mark Goddard
(new entry - check out the web-address! Thats told the rest of us!)
Lou Jordan
Steve Preston
Louis Rockafella (Capt)
Manager - Mark Leen (He is "Europe's No 1", after all, which gives him precedence I guess, over the UK. Plus he seems to be quite serious - making him perfect for this role)

If you are thinking of booking an Elvis, please think twice about what you are letting yourself in for. Do you really want a tatooed idiot with a microphone and his cretinous entourage showing up at your event? You do?! Well, then here is another list of Elvii at The Worlds Greatest Elvis.

Other Links

These sexy girls are not for sale, but you will find a great deal of other exclusive merchandise by clicking on their perfectly formed bodies (or mine)...

Wedding photographer? I like her style, she took this piccy and thats good enough for me. Its Rowena Amos

The best DJ in town - DJ Simon Henderson's website. What town, though? Manningtree? Its not clear where -but who gives a monkey's when he's THE BEST...?!

This links you to the site of the film Almost Elvis which is about Elvis impersonators and is almost hilarious and almost brilliant.

This takes you to a site about Chinese food, which has nothing to do with Elvis Impersonators but plenty to do with Chinese food.

While I'm at it, try this new site where you can review your local Chinese restaurant (or something like that) Chinese Nights Out

After Elvis sadly passed away, I felt alone. Ten years later, I was introduced to the 80s popstar, Dominguez - and I felt even more alone.

This takes you to a site, which has nothing to do with Chinese Food or Elvis Impersonators, but is a tv film I was in: The Lost Battallion

And in case you missed it, here is another .

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