In June, Paul was in Toronto at a family gathering of 150 chinese family members, where he performed his set, got drunk, fell off a bench and wandered around shouting, "I am the King of Rock 'n' Roll....err...aaarrrggghhhh" as he stumbled into the barbecue and set his nylon suit on fire.

Some piccies of Paul's extraordinarily multi-ethnic family can be seen here.

My dad, his sister and his brother in Toronto (cycling shorts edited out).
My Dad in Toronto (and cycling shorts)!
My Great Auntie Flo (she's over 100 and still kicking)
My uncle, Henry. Yes, he is black!
My cousins, auntie and auntie.



My Uncle Derek - Chinese genetically, White by appearance and West Indian by culture - a one man diversity programme!! - Oh, and that's me at a Casino in London's Piccadilly, in my black phoenix costume.




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