General DUI Information and Statistics

Drinking alcohol or consuming drugs can impair coordination and judgment. Operating a car while in an impaired state can lead to serious repercussions. At worst, driving under the influence can lead to car accidents, injuries, and even fatalities of people in your automobile or in other cars. Less catastrophic, but also significant, driving under the influence can also result in expensive fines, legal charges, and the loss of driving privileges. Individual states make and enforce laws regarding driving under the influence to ensure that drivers operate cars safely.


The rate of impaired driving fatalities has gone down since 1982. In 2013, 3.2 alcohol-impaired traffic fatalities occurred per 100,000 people, according to the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration charges that problems with people driving under the influence are an indicator of prevalent alcohol abuse and misuse. The CDC reports that 239 passengers aged 14 and younger died in car accidents in 2012 in connection with alcohol-impaired driving.

General DUI

A driving under the influence charge could either be a misdemeanor or criminal charge depending on the situation. A traffic stop that results in a DUI citation, without injuries or property damage having occurred, would likely be a misdemeanor charge. A car accident that involves injuries or property damage typically escalates to a criminal charge for the impaired driver. An impaired driver with previous DUI citations on record usually receives criminal charges. Conviction on a criminal DUI charge typically results in loss of licensing, fines, and time in prison.

Local Law Resources

A variety of personal and professional issues can necessitate the need for legal representation. If you experience trouble with a DUI charge or other problem, consult an attorney for help. Some law firms practice general law, and other firms narrow their practice to include specialized areas of law. Many law firms exist in and around Los Angeles to provide legal assistance for clients.


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